Harangvölgyi Institute

The Buda Salon

The Harangvölgyi Institute in Buda offers anti-ageing treatments in a luxurious setting, with a VIP salon designed for one person for the ultimate introspective experience.

The Insitute, located in the Toman Diet Centre, is exclusive not only in terms of its location but also in its services, as it is currently the only salon where the HV Facial Sculpting treatment, offered by Anna Harangvölgyi, the founder of the brand, is available. The method focuses on the aesthetic harmonisation and correction of the contours and details of the face following a rejuvenation of the skin using only natural active ingredients.

Guests in the Buda centre are received only by appointment, and product purchases are possible following prior consultation. Parking is easy and free of charge.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Buda centre of Harangvölgyi Institute!


Address: 1126 Budapest, Szendrő street 57/b (Toman Diet centre)
Phone: +36-70-414-5945
E-mail: institute@harangvolgyi.hu

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