Harangvölgyi Institute

Pest city centre

Our downtown anti-aging centre is the most comprehensively equipped Harangvölgyi Institute, where all our facial and body treatments are available. The 250-square-metre, two-storey salon has a total of 8 beauty beds in 7 cabins and 11 specialists working for the beauty and the relaxation of our guests. Our double cabins are specially designed for people who wish to receive our treatments together —whether they are married couples, girlfriends or mothers with their daughters.

The professional manager of the salon and our consultants will make sure that our new guest are comfortable and will provide them with all information on products and treatments.

The downtown centre also serves as a venue for professional trainings. This is the place where we teach our advanced beautician training courses and where we carry out our pre-launch test treatments.

All of our products are available for purchase in the salon, which is directly accessible from the street, and online orders can also be picked up here in person following notification in text message. What’s more, you can also buy a gift treatment, for which we will issue a personalised gift card on request. We’re looking forward to meeting you in the downtown centre of Harangvölgyi Institute!


Address: 1066 Budapest, Ó street 36.
Phone: +36-70-414-5945
E-mail: institute@harangvolgyi.hu


Parking is available in the area of the Ó Street Salon and is subject to a parking fee. We recommend using one of the two nearby car parks:

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