Harangvölgyi Institute

The Győr Salon

The story of the Harangvölgyi Institute in Győr began in 2015, when a former ballet artist visited the Institute in Budapest.

“I visited the Harangvölgyi Institute in 2015, on the recommendation of a friend. As a former ballet artist, I always found some time to visit beauty salons when I was abroad, so I had an extensive basis for comparison. As soon as I entered, I felt a strange sense of well-being in my body and soul, even though I was only in the reception room.
I knew that I wanted to hold on to this feeling, but I had no idea that an injury would end my ballet career and lead me to the beauty industry. I was supposed to stop by for a quick consultation, but I found myself leaving two hours later with a lot of positive experiences following a facial treatment. After about a year, I had to face the fact that I would no longer be able to perform on stage, and although I dedicated my life to audiences in theatres and elsewhere beginning at the age of 5 and could not picture myself in any other profession, I somehow felt that my future would be intertwined with the Harangvölgyi brand.”

This is how the owner of the first Harangvölgyi Institute franchise, Diána Tóth-Rába, former dancer of the Győr Ballet, recalls her first Harangvölgyi experience. It was because of her ties to the city and her friends there that she decided to open the first Harangvölgyi anti-ageing centre outside the capital in Győr.

Almost all HV facial and body treatments are also available at the Harangvölgyi Institute in Győr. All our products are available in the centre, and you can also buy a gift treatment, for which we will issue a personalised gift card on request. We’re looking forward to meeting you in the Győr salon of the Harangvölgyi Institute!


Address: 9021 Győr, Bajcsy Zsilinszky street 24.
Phone: +36-30-716-6820
E-mail: gyor@harangvolgyi.hu


Parking is available in the area of the Salon and is subject to a parking fee. We recommend using one of the nearby car parks:
Jókai Parking House (Jókai Parkolóház): 9021 Győr, Jókai street 7.

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