Harangvölgyi Institute

The Zugló salon

Our 180-square-metre anti-ageing centre in Zugló is located in a quiet, intimate environment, surrounded by a garden. The 5-cabin salon offers a wide range of Harangvölgyi services, and almost all of our facial and body treatments.

The first Harangvölgyi Institute opened more than 40 years ago in a family house —the salon now has 5 specialists, including Ágnes Papp, Anna Harangvölgyi’s mother, who is a Gold Laureate Master of Cosmetics. Ágnes Papp is an expert in problematic skin conditions, and she is in charge of assessing new guests and preparing treatment plans for them.

The Institute in Zugló also provides training for beautician students: Ágnes Papp has trained 150 students so far.


Address: 1148 Budapest, Jerney street 1/B
Phone: +36-1-363-0612
E-mail: institute@harangvolgyi.hu


No street traffic, parking is easy and free. From spring to autumn, guests are welcome by appointment in a cosy environment with a terrace functioning as a waiting room.

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