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    If you are visiting us for the first time, a 30-40-minute consultation is required (this can take place right before the treatment). During the consultation, the beautician assesses the condition of your skin so that he or she can recommend the most appropriate treatment for you. The price of the consultation is HUF 10,000.

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    If we cannot book any more appointments for the day you have specified, our colleagues will schedule a new appointment with you by phone.

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    When booking an appointment for a treatment, please carefully consider all circumstances that may affect or hinder your ability to appear at the specified time. Please note that our colleague will not serve other clients at the booked time, he/she will be at your full disposal, and this time slot will be fully reserved for you. If you let us know in due time that you cannot make an appointment, we can offer your appointment to waitlisted clients or we can optimize our work schedule accordingly.

    If you cannot attend your appointment or if you are not sure that you can make it, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to your treatment, and please cancel your appointment.
    If you do not attend the appointment you have booked or if you cancel within 24 hours before your treatment, we charge 50% of the price of the chosen treatment as a cancellation fee.
    If you arrive late, we may only provide you with services that can be properly performed in the remaining time.

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