HV BODY CARE Cellu Cream • 100 ml • Body shaping and firming

Ft 9.660

Professional body shaping cellulite cream with thermo effect. Very effective treatment for cellulite and stretch marks. It can tighten the skin that has lost elasticity. The body becomes more contoured.

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It is rich in natural fat burning agents and has a beneficial effect on the vascular walls, because it improves the blood supply to connective tissues. This helps to get rid of accumulated toxins, fat cells and cellulite. Due to its light texture, it can also be used for body wrapping.

  • paprika extract – enhances blood and lymph circulation
  • caffeine – boosts blood circulation
  • ginger extract – energising, toning
  • grapefruit seed extract – antioxidant
  • bisabolol – calming and anti-inflammatory

When to use it?

For cellulite 4 times a week, to firm and tone 2 times a week is recommended.

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