HV BODY CARE XCM Hand Cream • 50ml

Ft 10.700

Regenerating, deeply moisturizing hand care duo for dehydrated, dry, irritated skin. The active ingredients of this hand care duo are perfectly complementing and amplifying each other’s actions, but they are also effective when used separately as a targeted treatment.

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Cream 1 is a light, fast nanoemulsion which absorbs deeply into the skin. Gives extra hydration to thirsty skin and a “plumped up”, denser sensation.

Cream 2 rebuilds the skin’s protective lipid layer, therefore it is excellent for relieving highly sensitive, irritated skin as well as eczema symptoms.

The successive application of the two creams provides complex skin regeneration and deep hydration. It triggers the self-healing processes of the skin and rebuilds its natural defense system.

In case of eczema (inflamed, highly peeling, itchy skin) the use of cream 2 on its own is necessary!

  • shea butter – hydrating, soothing, regenerating
  • hyaluronic acid – increases skin hydration and elasticity, improves oxygenation
  • collagen – powerful moisturizer, smooths the skin
  • Vitamin E – regenerating, epithelial effect, enhances the metabolism of cells, prevents the formation of free radicals
  • castor oil – nourishes, moisturizes, restores the skin’s natural protective layer, stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • olive oil – deep conditioning, antioxidant, soothing effect, helps to maintain the moisture content of the skin
  • almond oil – soothes, relieves inflammation, irritation and itching, nourishes, moisturizes

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