HV SPA Solutions Héviz Beauty Mask • 100ml

Ft 7.480

This mask can simultaneously diminish wrinkles and reduce inflammation. Its natural ingredients regenerate and make dull skin glowing and radiant. The unique mud from Hévíz eliminates waste, stimulates the metabolism of cells. Stimulates collagen production which makes it a perfect product to soften fine lines on the face, neck and decolleté. After use, the complexion becomes more even, much softer and velvety to the touch.

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Goody bye inflammation, hello firming!

  • mud from Hévíz – moisturizing, wound healing, anti-inflammatory
  • coconut oil – antibacterial effect, cleanses and moisturizes from within
  • spirulina algae – reduces wrinkles, helps the regeneration of cells
  • mint oil – invigorating, toning, tightening
  • horsetail extract – anti-inflammatory, cell renewing

When to use it?

Occasionally or as a course of treatment:2 times a week for mature skin and acne-prone skin

Time of use:

15-20 min

How to use it?

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