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Bea Lenkei
Anti-aging specialist, health coach


During my studies in the United States, I obtained qualifications as a Health Coach and Anti-Aging Specialist. My international experiences have allowed me to acquire knowledge spanning continents in the field of youthfulness and health preservation. I have been working in healthcare for 15 years now. Initially, I held managerial positions, but over time, I developed a growing interest in health and questions related to health preservation.
I assist those who turn to me in finding the path to health and youthfulness, tailoring approaches to their individual personalities, whether they be conventional or alternative methods, encompassing both external and internal approaches. In cases of illnesses and surgeries, I collaborate with treating physicians to guide patients through the complexities of the healthcare system, creating a bridge between them and the intricacies of healthcare.
At the Harangvölgyi Institute, I found a place where, in a unique manner in Hungary, equal emphasis is placed on both external treatments and internal balance and prevention. In my work there, I collaborate with consultants, beauticians, doctors, and our diagnostic tools to achieve rapid and remarkable results. My primary task is to provide consultations and support to patients on anti-aging-focused nutrition, lifestyle, and supporting options.


Lenkei Bea anti-aging specialista, health coach

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