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The philosophy of the Harangvölgyi Institute is 360-degree anti-aging, which means that skin rejuvenation is approached holistically, from every angle, not just externally. As part of this unique program, we have introduced Human Generator Jet treatments.

Humán Regenerátor

The Human Regenerator Jet refreshes cell health with the transformative capabilities of Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) technology. It inactivates viruses, accelerates wound healing, combats bacteria, balances the immune system, and much more.

What is Plasma

Plasma is an intriguing state of matter, often referred to as the fourth state, distinct from solid, liquid, and gas. At its core, plasma is an ionised gas—a unique combination of charged particles that result from the separation of electrons from their parent atoms. This ionisation process occurs when a significant amount of energy is imparted to a gas, causing its atoms to lose or gain electrons.

What is CAP technology?Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) is a specialised variant of plasma that operates at significantly lower temperatures compared to traditional plasmas. Unlike plasmas used in high-temperature applications, CAP remains at or near room temperature, making it suitable for various biomedicine and medical applications.

Humán Regenerátor

Why cold?

The defining characteristic of CAP is its “cold” nature. While traditional plasmas are generated at incredibly high temperatures, often exceeding 100,000 degrees Celsius, CAP operates within a range of 25°C to 45°C. This lower temperature range ensures that CAP can be safely used in medical settings without causing harm to living tissues.

Unique Cellular Impact

When CAP interacts with biological tissues and cells, it initiates a cascade of biological responses that have shown promising effects on health and well-being:

Oxidative Stress Reduction: CAP’s reactive mix of electrons and ions actively neutralises free radicals in the body. This significant reduction of oxidative stress helps to mitigate cell and tissue damage, promoting better cellular health and reducing the risk of age-related diseases.

Cell Regeneration and ATP Production: CAP’s interaction with cells stimulates the production of ATP, the cell’s primary energy currency. This increased ATP production enhances cellular metabolism, facilitating cell regeneration and tissue repair.

Immune System Boost: CAP has been found to strengthen the body’s immune system, helping it defend against infections and diseases.

Autonomic Nervous System Regulation: CAP can positively influence the functions of the autonomic nervous system, which controls various automatic bodily functions, leading to a balance in the body’s physiological processes.

Full Body Treatment – The “Full Body Charger”

The Human Regenerator Jet’s distinct design allows it to envelop the entire body in a gentle electrostatic field. This field effectively transmits anions, electrons, and static energy throughout the body simultaneously, facilitating a comprehensive and holistic treatment. Rather than targeting a specific point on the skin like traditional CAP devices, the Human Regenerator Jet ensures that every cell and tissue receives the benefits of CAP+, making it a true “Full Body Charger.”

Body Electrics and Cellular Voltage

The human body operates like a complex electrical system, with cells and tissues relying on electrical signals for proper functioning. Cells have an electrical voltage across their membranes, usually ranging between 20 millivolts (mV) and 100 mV. The cell interior tends to have an excess of negative charges, while the cell’s environment contains an excess of positive charges. This charge difference sets the stage for cellular energy exchange and essential processes.

Fuelling Cellular Energy Exchange

The cellular voltage gradient serves as the driving force behind energy exchange and communication between cells. This voltage difference allows ions and nutrients to move in and out of cells through ion channels, a process vital for cellular metabolism, nutrient uptake, and waste removal. By regulating the movement of charged particles, cells maintain their delicate electrical balance, enabling harmonious cellular functions.
Consequences of Cellular Voltage Imbalance
When the cellular voltage balance is disrupted, it can have far-reaching consequences on cellular health and overall well-being. A low cellular voltage—resulting from factors like poor lifestyle choices, chronic stress, or nutritional deficiencies—can impair cellular energy production and compromise cellular repair mechanisms.

The Health Toll of Low Cellular Voltage:

Reduced Cellular Energy Production: Low cellular voltage hampers the efficient production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cellular currency of energy. This shortfall in cellular energy can lead to fatigue, sluggishness, and reduced physical and mental performance.

Compromised Cellular Repair: Adequate cellular voltage is vital for repairing damaged DNA and facilitating cellular regeneration. Insufficient voltage levels hinder these repair processes, potentially leading to accelerated ageing and impaired tissue regeneration.

Impaired Immune Function: Cellular voltage influences immune cell activity and function. When cellular voltage is low, immune cells may not perform optimally, reducing the body’s ability to defend against infections and diseases.

Mental and Cognitive Impact: Low cellular voltage has been associated with cognitive decline and mood disorders. Impaired neurotransmitter function, influenced by cellular voltage, may contribute to conditions like depression, anxiety, and memory problems.

CAP+’s Cellular Impact

The Human Regenerator Jet’s CAP+ interacts with the body’s electrics in several profound ways:
Regulation of Cellular Stress Conditions: The CAP+ technology fine-tunes the electrical stress conditions of cells to an optimum level, promoting their overall well-being and functionality. This regulation is vital, as low electrical stress conditions can result from age-related degeneration and diseases.

Energy Boost and ATP Production: The delivery of electrons by anions enhances the cell’s ability to neutralise free radicals, effectively recharging cells like “batteries.” This increased ATP production from enhanced electron exchange fuels cellular activities, supporting tissue repair and regeneration.

Cellular Vitality and Anti-Ageing: By reducing oxidative stress through electron delivery, CAP+ aids in combating the root cause of ageing, promoting a healthier and more resilient cellular environment.

Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration: Nurturing Recovery and Repair

Beyond its profound impact on cellular health, CAP possesses a remarkable talent for wound healing and tissue regeneration. Through its ability to stimulate growth factors and support the migration of healing cells, CAP accelerates the recovery process, bolstering the body’s innate capacity for tissue repair. Whether in the context of chronic wounds or skin rejuvenation, CAP unveils a dynamic approach to healing and rejuvenation.

1 treatment is 30 minutes recommended 10 times at least


  • Pregnancy
  • Implantation of electrical devices within the body
  • Chronic headaches
  • Epilepsy
1 occasion
20 000 – 35 000 HUF
30 minutes
  • Downtown Ó street

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