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Psychologist, PhD Candidate
Director of Research and Development


If your body weight is bothering you and you have chronic skin issues, MINDiet likely offers a long-term, effective solution for you!
MINDiet Where Behavioral Therapy and Performance Psychology Meet for Your Healthy Balance
The psychological roots of various physiological disorders have long been recognized, as losing mental balance and trying to artificially compensate for it can result in physical problems over time. MINDiet has combined and further developed health-preserving theories and methods, supported by cutting-edge scientific findings that amplify each other’s effects. Based on this, we provide personalized individual and corporate health programs for our clients. We track individual progress by considering over 100 real-time factors and objective physiological indicators, such as laboratory results, blood pressure, body composition, metabolic age, and the management of acute and chronic illnesses. These measures allow continuous improvement in health behavior and quality of life.


Unfortunately, misconceptions about lifestyle, including personal and acquired beliefs, pseudoscience, and commercial influences, often pose immediate risks that only define the quality of life decades later. In Hungary, most people work for 30 years only to spend their money – sometimes for a lifetime – trying to regain their health, or in more severe cases, suffer from incapacitation due to this.
We aim to change this because we know that most people are unknowingly undermining their own health.
MINDiet Programs can be tailored to three main directions according to specific health goals and individual needs: balance improvement, health preservation, and health restoration. Our collaborative work only requires 1-2 hours per week, and results can be achieved in 3-14 months, making a healthy lifestyle a natural part of your life.


The experiences gained from the research, development, and application of MINDiet Programs have been shared in numerous professional forums, from Budapest to Mexico, with thousands participating in scientific and educational presentations worldwide. Our achievements in improving health behavior, as measured by laboratory results, have been recognized with the ‘BEST POSTER’ award at the Semmelweis Symposium 2021 – Excellence in clinical research and innovation, as well as at the SELYE START and SELYE SYMPOSIUM – Interdisciplinary Excellence conferences.
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1.) MINDiet Start The first step towards a healthy, quality life
During MINDiet Start, we create an individual health strategy based on the analysis of your unique health data. Through individual consultations, we deeply analyze your health status based on your test results and health history, and together, we create the most suitable roadmap for success.
MINDiet Start is the first step on a journey of self-discovery, youthfulness, health preservation, and a balanced, joyful life.


2.) MINDiet Thrive A quick solution to take flight again
The Thrive Program offers an efficient balance-building process over four to six months for those with a maximum of 10 kg of excess weight and negative test results. Through regular consultations, we work together to achieve set goals and continually develop your mental abilities and health-related habits.


3.) MINDiet Balance Physical and mental balance development and health preservation
The Balance program is designed for those with 15-30 kg of excess weight. This program, with targeted medical support and the creation of a sustainable lifestyle, improves the quality of life for our clients. During our collaboration, we plan and implement the steps necessary for you to look back on the process with satisfaction and pride. The six-month period allows your body to gradually adapt to changes at its own pace. The Balance program supports our clients in becoming capable of improving their own condition and living in a healthier, younger body – often without the need for medication.


4.) MINDiet Revive Health restoration and quality of life improvement
The MINDiet Revive program provides comprehensive expert assistance to those with over 30 kg of excess weight who have realized it just in time. Based on our experience, this program restores health and improves the quality of life, allowing our clients to create new opportunities for themselves. We also monitor individual progress in this program with objective physiological indicators such as laboratory results, blood pressure, body composition, metabolic age, and the abandonment of medication upon medical recommendation. During MINDiet Revive, we restore your health and consider other set goals. The program often results in improved quality of life and the overcoming of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

ROLAND KASEK, CMC Psychologist, PhD Candidate Director of Research and Development


Pszichológus, PhD jelölt, Director of R&D, MINDiet

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