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Dr. Bálint Mónika (Zoé) Qualified Business Coach (Attorney) Founder of the Development-Focused Coaching Approach, Development Mentor, Strategic Consultant Author of “The Alchemy of 12 Roles” online course (www.workshop.belsokijarat.hu)

Dr Bálint Mónika (Zoé) diplomás business coach (jogász) A fejlődésfókuszú coaching irányzatának alapítója

I deeply believe that there is much greater strength and potential within people than they currently have access to, and self-awareness is the path to unlocking it. I have experienced this both in myself and in those I have had the privilege to work with. I have found that we can only harness this power when we are willing to confront ourselves and make changes for the sake of our well-being. I committed to this process 12 years ago with my 44-year-old self and gave up my successful legal practice. My motivation was clear: “There are many good lawyers in this country, but I am unique in that only I can transmit this knowledge and value to the world in this way. This is my calling and my responsibility.”
I work in two main areas:

  1. Problem Awareness and Solutions. I assist women who:
    1. Are stuck in a life situation.
    2. Are facing significant decisions.
    3. Have lost their direction.
    4. Experience daily anxiety.
    5. Struggle with a constant sense of lack.
    6. Are in conflict with their environment or themselves and have decided to resolve their situation, even if they don’t yet know how. Regardless of which area of life the problem affects, the root is within. In my experience, many successful women are “emotionally hungry.” Through the coaching process, we can shorten the time spent in uncertainty and suffering, emerging stronger from life’s games. Smoothing out inner wrinkles can visibly make us look years younger.
  2. Accelerating Conscious Development. For those who aspire to more than just solving a current problem, and who want to gain self-awareness, methods, and personal strength to consciously navigate their lives no matter the circumstances.
    Over 12 years, I have developed my own coaching approach to effectively achieve the above goals. It helps my clients achieve their true objectives while enhancing their self-identity. Thousands of hours of individual and group sessions, combined with personal experience, have refined the method to be precise and effective. The results achieved have exceeded participants’ expectations, surpassing the outcomes achieved with other methods.
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